I just looked at the clock and realized how super late it is…time is indeed flying…but I just couldn’t wait to share this news!

For fans of Leilani Harvey’s (cough) super sizzling erotic romances…there’s a NEW one out! Fresh off the press and in your local ebook store 🙂 yay!

It is recommended that if you are not familiar with the “Hunger” Series, you may want to start with those first – especially #3&4 – as these will help you to get into the mind set of one of the main characters.


(Truth & Consequences #1)


May 16, 2011


from ‘New Sensations‘ by Lenise Lee

“Tell me you’ll be mine tonight, Janay.  Tell me that I can have you…please, baby.”

His whispered request – raspy and desperate – prompted me to draw back, but only enough so that we could face one another…

He pushed me further against the hard surface of the wall by pressing his heavy frame flat on me.

“No need to worry,” his voice a low and hoarse whisper, “I know the owner and he’s definitely not in that room and he definitely won’t mind that we’re back here.”

“Are you sure?” 

My face turned back to the closed door.

A fingertip coaxed me back in Jackson’s direction and his wet lips covered mine once again.  When he released me from the kiss, I was hungry for more and tried to lean forward to capture his mouth again.  Before I could catch a taste of him, he used his moist rose pink lips to trace a slow trail down the curve of my neck.  When he stopped at the juncture between my neck and shoulder, he sucked at the skin there causing an erotic effect on me.  My hips bucked forward and Jackson pushed his massive hardness to meet my sizzling center…

My eyelids slid shut as two thick fingers slid inside my slick p****lips and worked in and out of my dripping hole.

Oh…baby…you’re sooo wet…mmm,” he mouthed against the inside of my breast as his mouth planted soft kisses down my stomach.

“Wet for you…just for you,” I managed to breathe out slowly between soft pants.  I was completely consumed by his fingers’ fast assault on my cunt hole.

“I need to have you right now, Janay…or I’m gonna’ burst.”…

He placed a lingering kiss on the inside of each thigh, making sure to bite down and suck with enough force to cause a small purplelish-red bruise to form on each one.

He looked up at me, flames dancing in his eyes.

“This is so you won’t forget about tonight.  I want you to remember all of this when the morning light comes.  I want you to remember me.”

 With that said, Jackson shoved the soaked material of my panties into his back pocket… BWWM Sensual Romance

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