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Consequences Never Hurt  by Leilani Harvey 

 Loving the Beast  by Naima Simone

here’s a quick glance at one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE videos featuring the bwwm IR theme…movin’ and groovin’ (sexy!)…enjoy 😉  

This story is one my early works and definitely one of my personal favorites to re-read.  I knew when I started writing this early last year (2010) that it might prove a difficult subject matter and some potential readers would probably shy away from purchasing it.  Why, you ask?  The sub-plot is centered on a very real and relevant issue in today’s world.  Truly imagine a world where everything that you know and are most comfortable with has faded away, almost over night, into full survival mode…scary…very scary.

This is the reality that Gabriel and Alexis find themselves walking through, step by step…alone at first, then eventually together…