loving what you do…no matter what :)

July 5, 2011

some may wonder…why do you do it leilei? do what, you ask? continue to write and publish in a market that’s already jam packed with dozens of others trying to share our vision of what romance, dating, love and adventure are all like…i do it because i love it…i love the frantic feeling of falling in love and experiencing the pacing pains of finding out why one fell in love in the first place (for anyone who has ever been there in real life…it’s never an easy journey but we usually come out of it with a serene insight that would have never been possible without the hectic chaos of pulsing heartbeats and boosted adrenaline – life is balance  and wisdom is understanding how to hold the dark and the dawn firmly and evenly within this delicate state of being)

fair enough…but why do you promote the works of others in the same field?…easy!…i truly believe that a world without a color line is a better world for all…in this millenium, with all of our random and promoted “socializing” and with the global sharing of so much undiscovered cultural richness and the blending of ones that were already prevalent, there is no reason why i have to keep looking at the same type of couple on the tv, on the big screen, or on my ereader…none at all…

i truly love IR and Romance and especially fall in love when the two are merged together (sighs with a dreamy look on her face)…

anywho…that’s a peak into my mind and a mere pinch of the reasons why i started mixedmedialove ezine (and hoping for it to grow and grow and change and change) and why i believe in the mission of Lenise Lee Publications…love – plain and simple – just love – no matter what…lh

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One Response to “loving what you do…no matter what :)”

  1. raven26 said

    That’s fantastic. You’re doing it for the right reason and that’s what counts!

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