‘Hawthorne’: a new kind of romance – BWWM IR Romance on TV

July 7, 2011

a few days ago, while attending one of those lovely holiday bbq’s – amazingly, the hosts seemed to be serving everything but bbq – oh, well – someone started up a conversation about the return of a new drama on TNTHawthorne – starring one of our fav media darlings.  as soon as i found out about the leading lady’s love interests (yes, there are two fine men who are absolutely smitten with our lady), my ears immediately perked up.  i have no doubts that jada gives a commanding performance on the show but it was the blended romance that caught my attention.  it makes me beyond ecstatic when big media outlets are not afraid to step outside of the box when it comes to casting lead and title roles.  love should always be colorblind.  my only complaint (which has nothing to do with the show itself) is that i had to scour too many clips to find one that featured our leading couple in an intimate moment.  i understand that the whole show doesn’t hang on their love affair alone but – seriously – i’m sure that  i am not the only person who FF’s the video on demand player just to catch a glimpse of old and new flames getting all doe-eyed and cutesy faced  🙂


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