Impulse: I jumped ahead of myself

July 13, 2011

Wow.  I just cannot believe that it is nearly mid-July already.  Soon Christmas and other Seasonal lights and decorations will be going up all over town! 🙂

Well, Dear Reader, I jumped ahead of myself – again.  For anyone who has read my various ramblings from previous posts, but especially this one: AUTHOR INSIGHT: INSTINCT, you may remember that I had made a comment about how much I wanted to continue this story line. There is such a wide range of possibilities to explore around this particular sub-plot that one novella just won’t do.  My plan was to come back to it around Fall, the chill in the area never fails to inspire the amount of suspense needed to type up a mad dash thriller, BUT…I JUST COULDN’T WAIT!  Once my finger hit the post button, my mind was already racing with thoughts and ideas – I didn’t have any other choice but to put pen to paper (in this case, fingers to keys).  So…here we are again…are you ready to venture back to the world that could be right over the horizon?  If so, you won’t have to wait long…it’s coming quite soon.  IMPULSE by Lenise Lee.

Stay cool, wherever you are.  LL


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