Mixed Media at the Movies: MI:4 – Ghost Protocol (BWWM Movies)

July 14, 2011

Tom Cruise returns as IMF Agent Ethan Hunt in this fourth installment to the Mission: Impossible series.  The film premiered its first official trailer on June 28th; however the scheduled release date will not be until mid-December 2011.

     Although snatching a glimpse of Cruise’s death-defying acrobatics as he scaled a monstrous skyscraper was enough to add this  to our highly anticipated releases list, the identity of the female co-star catapulted MI:4 to the very top.   Stunning Paula Patton plays Jane Carter opposite Cruise’s title character in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  While there are no specifics as to whether or not Carter and Hunt will find themselves enthralled in both a fast-paced spy chase AND a heated romance, we’re hoping this will be the case. 11 Years ago, MI:2 added to the rising trend of featuring IR couples in lead roles of big budget films.  In that second part of the series, Thandie Newton co-starred in the franchise film as Agent Hunt’s fiesty love interest and ex-thief Nyah Nordoff-Hall. The couple’s smoldering onscreen romance was enough to keep my eyes glued to the screen for the remainder of the film. Hopefully, this match-up between Cruise and Patton will be equally sizzling, if not more so…we’ll have to wait until December to find out.

     Other noteworthy co-stars include Jeremy Renner (Marvel’s Thor) and Simon Pegg, who happened to play Newton’s sloth-like ex-fiance and father to her son in Run, Fatboy Run (2007).  Ving Rhames also makes a return to reprise his role as tech-savvy Luther Stickwell.

     With a well-rounded line-up of stars and a promising preview of what’s in store for our dashing agent, we’re hoping that this action flick will be well worth the extended wait.

UPDATE: Saw this movie and loved it enough to see it twice! SPOLER: Two of the characters have a very cutesy kiss 🙂


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