new release friday is finally here!

July 22, 2011

happy friday to ya!  wow… interracial romance is surely becoming a hot subject to write about.  in my random searches around the cultural media world, i’m so happy to see lots of content finally delving into this growing genre (and hope there is lots more to come!)

i dug through and found five FRESH titles to fill your weekend. there were so many, it was so hard to pick!  i think these have the most potential for satisfying the ebook lover in you.  let me know what ya thought of these…remember, we’re looking for reader reviews to post ( ‘submission guidelines‘ ) ALWAYS!

On the Prowl (Timberon Cat Series)       Bear Necessities
(release date 7/15/11)                         (release date 7/13/11)


Niki’s Challenge                                                   Illegal Affair

(release date 7/15/11)                               (release date 7/7/11)


Was My Girl

(release date 7/9/11)

BONUS! Impulse

(totally biased on this one, but if you like when a hot blond saves the day plus a sprinkle of passionate play, you might wanna check this out)

(release date 7/20/11)

ps… if you love IR, BWWM, & Erotica romance as much as we do… please spread the word!… tell all of your friends and fellow lovers of this genre about our blog  and website… keep this  new romance moving up and up! lh


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