After The Sunset

August 3, 2011

After the Sunset

By: Lenise Lee
Published By: Lenise Lee Publications
Published: Sep 03, 2010 
ISBN # 9780983116349
Word Count: 53,576
Price: $3.99
County Clerk Nichole Edwards has found a worthy adversary in her town’s hot new Public Defender, Eric Raven. She finds her ability to torment him during their after hours encounters to be one of the bright spots of her late evening shift at the police department. When an ominous note is left inside of her apartment and danger seems to be lurking around every corner, Nichole is convinced that Eric is the only person whom she can turn to for help. Eric Raven finds the stunning after hours clerk, Nichole Edwards, maddening. He has to constantly battle his secret desire to claim her as his woman. When Nichole is placed at the center of a high profile case he is handling and her life suddenly becomes endangered, Eric will risk everything, including his career, to save her and to solve the mystery that has enveloped their lives.


…Though she wanted nothing more than for him to take her by the wrists and pull her in close so that his body covered every inch of her bare skin, Nichole’s feet were planted to the ground. She dared not make a sound nor move one inch from the spot she anchored to. Was she ready to take on Eric Raven? A man whose persona was so much more bold, confident, and irresistible than any man whom she had ever encountered. Up until now, she had successfully played her role and set her will for him never to see the way she quivered inside whenever he was near and how he caused her hormones to spike to the breaking point. One word, one unchecked glance could make him alert to the fact that she craved him down to her very core. Nichole wanted to feel Eric’s immense strength throbbing within her walls, to moan his name aloud as he pushed his full weight and brawn deep inside and up to her womb. Never in her life had Nichole ever considered succumbing to a night of unadulterated passion with a man whom she barely knew. Was she really ready to take the leap and allow herself this one night of inhibition?…

…Nichole’s lips parted, as if to speak. Eric lowered his arms and leaned down a little closer, eager to listen. But no words came out. She remained silent, her eyes still searching him, trying to make the right decision…

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