August 3, 2011


Series: Brave World Chronicles 
By: Lenise Lee 
Published By: Lenise Lee Publications
Published: Jul 19, 2011 
ISBN # LLP0019
Word Count: 26,345
Price: $2.99
Brave World Chronicles. One day can change everything…Imagine again a world where all that the future held was suddenly turned on its side. 36 hours can become as short as a breath or as long as a lifetime…For Jesse Dawson, the beginning of his long awaited love affair with Eve Thompson held so many passionate possibilities. One fateful event means that he may have to give up his last ounce of strength to reclaim her from harm’s way.


…His eyes were open during the kiss. The need to memorize every detail was far too great. He wanted to lock every flutter of Eve’s lashes and every nearly imperceptible moan that escaped from deep within her into his memory forever. 
Reluctantly, Jesse slowly pulled his lips away from Eve so they each could draw in a breath of air. He watched as Eve’s eyes flickered open. Circling the dark pupils at the center of her light brown irises was the smallest splash of gold. Her tempting and exotic features silently beckoned to Jesse, urging him to draw her in ever closer…


Like a surreal dream, an entire lifetime had somehow slipped through Jesse’s fingers in less than a day. All that he loved and cared for had become entangled in a sea of alternate and frightening possibilities. If any such notion were possible, he would have gladly sacrificed whatever was necessary to be able to step in reverse through time and space. He would have used every precious new second granted to him to figure out a way of keep his lover from becoming trapped at the very center of this chaotic mess. How had this alarming and dismal scene playing out all around him become reality for everyone, everywhere, so quickly? 


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