August 3, 2011


Series: Brave World Chronicles 
By: Lenise Lee 
Published By: Lenise Lee Publications
Published: Mar 14, 2010 
ISBN # 9780983116332
Word Count: 17,016
Price: $2.99
Brave World Chronicles. Imagine a world where society has been completely broken down to a matter of survival every day.Gabriel Poole and Alexis Arthur have found themselves in such circumstances. Each was doing the best possible to thrive all alone.

Now that they have one another to live for, they will do whatever is necessary to stay together and build a new future.


Both bleeding men nodded and grunted in agreement. The blood loss may have had them near passing out, but that wasn’t Gabe’s concern right now. His safety and also the girl’s were all he cared about at the moment.
“Now, move! Anywhere but here!”
Gabe watched closely as two pairs of weak legs carried the men further back into the thick growth of the surrounding foliage. He kept his eyes positioned on their backs until the color of their filthy shirts disappeared from sight. After what seemed like hours of waiting for them to be long gone, Gabe finally turned around to face the girl who remained bound to the tree.
As he moved closer to her, she immediately hunched slim brown shoulders and tucked her head near her bear collarbone. After a moment of quick thought, Gabe realized he was still holding the gun and was now pointing it directly at her.
“Sorry, sorry,” he said as snapped the safety into place and put the gun in the space between his belt and the back of his jeans.
Taking small steps forward with his palms faced forward and straight up, he stepped a couple of inches closer to her.
“Hi. I’m Gabriel. Gabe.”
She still did not raise her head and her small chest heaved up and down. He noticed a light sheen of sweat covered her shoulders and arms and then he remembered that she was still tied up. Reaching under his shirt, he pulled the knife out again. The girl must have been watching him from beneath her thick dark lashes because her head shot up at the site of the object and her body started to shudder even harder.
“Take it easy,” he tried to sound as calm as possible with hopes of easing her fears as well.
Walking around to the rear of the tree she was back against, he used the sharp tip to easily cut through the thick rags, probably an old shirt, which the two assholes had used to bind her. 
As soon as her arms were free she popped away from the tree and darted toward the bank of trees.
“Wait! Stop!”…..
____________Alexis felt the coarse stubble of his jaw against her own and the stimulation from the bristles sent her heat into overdrive. She reached down and practically ripped off the shirt he had given her to wear. Once she had discarded her own, her small hands went down to the where the hem of his would have been and yanked it up, almost faster than he could raise his long arms. 

She was glad for the cloak of darkness that surrounded them. It left her sense of touch and smell heightened and Alexis wanted to use those senses to explore every inch of this man’s body. Pulling away from him slightly, she started her exploration at his face. It was angular and she could feel the clenching and unclenching of his jaw muscles. Her fingers glazed over his eyes, their rapid movement told her that he was just as aroused, if not more, as she was. She smelled the heavy pheromones drifting off of his skin and the flare of his nostrils on his straight nose confirmed that he smelled hers as her entire body instinctively readied itself for him….

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