BWWM/IR Movies You Might Have Missed (UPDATED)

August 11, 2011

As a fellow lover of BWWM IR, I’m pretty sure you’re always on the lookout for a new addition to this colorful genre, whether it be in books, TV, or film.  There is also a chance that you may have overlooked a few goodies along the way so I decided to make a list of movie titles that might interest you.  These feature BWWM/IR couples.  Happy browsing! 

 Updated 10/2/12

Always on the prowl for new ones!!

Ninja Assassin (Action/Adventure) starring Naomi Harris and Rain.  This movie is a high flying thrill ride! A UK government worker finds herself in the middle of a war between a rogue assassin and his former clan. (BWAM)

Supernova (Sci-Fi/Thriller) starring Angela Bassett and James Spader.  The future looks bleak for this nomadic medical team.  A mysterious distress call pulls them into the clutches of a dangerous alien artifact.

28 Days Later (Sci-Fi/Horror) starring Naomi Harris and Cillian Murphy.  A plague has ravaged London and a small group of lone survivors must escape the city and fight to stay alive until a rescue effort can be made.

The Last Place On Earth (Drama) starring Tisha Campbell-Martin and Dana Ashbrook. This bitter-sweet journey matches a down on his luck man with a lively lady who adds a spark of life to their random cross country adventure.

Courage to Love (Drama/Historical) starring Vanessa L. Williams and Gil Bellows.  The story of a woman who turns her back on her family’s definition of love and racial expectations.

Malibu’s Most Wanted (Comedy) starring Regina Hall and Jamie Kennedy.  B-Rad is a culturally confused upper-class rapper.  He finds that a hilarious encounter with the woman of his dreams helps him and his doubting father come to terms with his ‘live out loud’ personality.

Run Fat Boy Run (Comedy) starring Thandie Newton and Simon Pegg.  A slightly frumpy Average Joe suddenly realizes how waistful and slothful his life has been and how much he wants to be a part of the family he ran away from when he becomes the rival of his former fiance’s wealthy, handsome, and athletic new beau.

The Truth About Charlie (Mystery, Dark Comedy) starring Thandie Newton and Mark Walhberg.  Naive Regina lands in the middle of this tongue-in-cheek play on spy versus spy where everyone is trying to use her as bait in trying to figure out the real nature of her recently deceased husband’s business affairs.

August (Drama) starring Naomi Harris and Josh Hartnett.  Satire about a struggling dot-com millionaire who is losing everything around him, including any chance of rekindling the love affair with his former girlfriend.

Something New (Comedy/Drama) starring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker. Last, but certainly not least, workaholic Kenya goes against the wishes of her upper class mother and her own fears to give love a try with a landscaper who falls outside of her typical romantic interests.

Recently Added:

Lakeview Terrace



Joyful Noise 

Mission: Impossible II


The Chronicles of Riddick

Boiler Room

American Flyers (Retro movie)

The Time Machine

Things We Lost in the Fire

Guess Who?

Akira’s Hip Hop Shop (BWAM)

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol


Corrina, Corrina (Retro)

A Bronx Tale (Retro)

Lincoln Heights (Canceled TV Show)

Hawthorne (Canceled TV Show)

-Starting to see a pattern here…-

True Jackson, VP (Canceled TV Show)

Scandal (NEW TV Show)

The Words (In Theaters Now…Support BWWM Romance!!)

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BTW…Did you know that our favorite twins Tia and Tamera have a new show on Style NetworkCheck it Out.

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Tia Mowry

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Tia Mowry


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