Back to being naughty! New BWWM Erotica

August 16, 2011

Hello All!!

After venturing off to work on some side projects – yes, I sometimes get mixed up in hobbies outside of romance (hence my call sign @mixedmedialove) – I’m back to help you toss off the mid-week /rainy day blues 😉

I see that quite a few of our wonderful readers and visitors REALLY liked our naughty reads list…sooooo, here’s a BRAND NEW one to click through. ENJOY!  lh

Say Yes by Dahlia Rose

Didier’s Sun (Chevalier Series) by Shara Azod

Night in Heaven by Reana Malori

Intimate Details: Volume Two, The Super Naughty Edition

You’re The One That I Want by Dahlia Rose

All of these steamy titles are fresh off the e-press and less than 30 days old so grab one while their still HOT!

What about you all?  What have you been up to out there?  Questions, Comments, Suggestions for new post topics???   We still love those emails and we answer FAST! so come on and participate…comment, rate us, TWEET, email…We miss you whenever it gets too quiet over here 🙂


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