‘Sweet and Spicy’ Plus Thoughts on My Semi-Annual Anniversary (BWWM Romance Collection)

August 23, 2011

It’s been a year and a half since I published my first story and a little over a year since I decided to grab a couple of relatives and formerly declare us a publishing house.  I can’t say it has been a dull adventure…anything but…however, I can say that I have had my moments of doubt.  It’s not easy to put a lucrative ‘career’ on hold and run after your dreams, especially not in this economy.  Despite my initial hesitations, I took a leap of faith and now here I am, rolling over into another semi-annual anniversary. If I wasn’t a Jill-of-All-Trades before I started this venture, I think I’m almost certified as such now…from first draft to release date, I have my hands in it all.  Just to add another heaping of fun to the pile (any of you who have ever been part of a small start-up co. already know this), there is no such thing as a day off.  Even when we all took a weekend to head to Bethany Beach, DE  (btw, it’s an absolutely lovely and relaxing place to visit), my laptop was still strapped to me the entire time (always checking for emails and comments from our readers 🙂 ).

I love that I finally had the courage to put my stories in print for the world to read.  It was terryfying at first! (And still is sometimes.)  Laying your thoughts and ideas out in the open for others to praise (or critique) can set your nerves on edge and make one wonder if it’s all worth it.  Hm, is it?  To answer that question, I need to really examine what my motives really are for wanting to become an author (at present, I consider myself a writer who is aspiring to become an author).  There are a few reasons that I carry with me throughout the long days, but these are the ones I feel as though help to keep this publication running. The first being very simple.  I write because I love it, always have, ever since I was a little girl; and with the world’s emerging technologies, I finally had the means to make my dream a partial reality.  Second, I love colorful emedia.  I’m hoping this small part of the world will help the rest of it casually morph into a place where it’s perfectly okay to love someone who doesn’t look like you or anyone that you know and where it’s perfectly normal to see an abundance of diversity wherever you look. That’s a perfect world to me, a beautiful melting pot.  Last, and certainly far from least, I do it for you, Dear Reader. YOU are the main reason why this epublisher likes to provide a variety of stories (from contemporary romance to inspirational non-fiction, and a few other genres in between). Because no two readers are the same, I try to make sure my publications aren’t part of a cookie-cutter format.  Sometimes that theory is a HIT and others…well…whatever the outcome, I’d still rather take a chance on trying to present unique material than not 🙂 .

In closing, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for helping to keep this publication moving forward for this long.  Thank you for the cheers (and the jeers), the inquisitive emails, the video views, and the ratings (plus the tweets and the likes 😉 ).  It all helps to keep me going for one more day and to help keep me motivated to put out one more title.

(Side note) In case you didnt know, the first collection of Lenise Lee (only) stories is now available…pass it on 😀

> ‘Sweet Beginnings and Spicy Endings

 Word Count: 91,959

 Price: $7.99


Fall in love again, from the first heart pounding moment through the last sensual kiss.

This first collection from Lenise Lee includes the full length versions plus covers* of the following tales of destiny and romance:

An Angel For Ms. Right
Love Before A Wedding
New Sensations


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