RISE: Book 3: ‘Silhouettes of Alysia & Dakken’ (BWWM Paranormal Romance)

September 21, 2011

‘Silhouettes of Alysia & Dakken’

Kiana Lee

Some love stories are destined to come to pass. Some destinies are too powerful to escape. Alysia & Dakken are about to encounter both in one thrilling chase.

Read the entire exciting romance in one volume, from heart thumping beginning to tender conclusion.

Phase One: Marked. Are you ready? Alysia Velez is thrust into a paranormal encounter when she is snatched into the arms of certain death by two of the undead. Her only hope? A handsome stranger named Dakken. Her curse? A curious birthmark.

Phase Two: Run. Still breathing? After surviving a fierce attack by two paranormals, Alysia awakens with strange new abilities. Her rescuer? A man named Dakken whom she finds herself irresistibly drawn to in the deepest level of her mind and body. The warrior’s attraction to her is mutual but the two of them are running out of time, more supernaturals are seeking to possess the power dwelling inside of Alysia.

Last Phase: Tamed & Bonded. Can you turn away? Alysia’s magical secret is exposed. She is transforming at an incredible rate while Dakken’s need to claim her as his lover is escalating to a dizzying and lethal intensity. The moment of truth has arrived just as new hunters are hot on the couple’s heels. Will Alysia abandon her mortal life and allow her tender passion to seal her eternal fate? The next thrilling spin-off of our best-selling Rise series concludes.

Includes a bonus chapter, ‘On the Horizon’ by Leilani Harvey.

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