Leilani Harvey
Word Count: 43,624

Ready to live the entire naughty affair from beginning to end? This collection will include every heated encounter and sensual word of what happens when old friends become rival lovers:

Book One: Consequences Never Hurt

Book Two: Truth Be Told

Book Three: Burn
Part I: Memories & Lovers
Part II: Love & Lies
Part III: Sharing Lovers
Part IV: Truth & Consequences

Plus a Character Appendix for both the Hunger and Truth & Consequences Series


Kiana Lee

Word Count: 8,000

‘Silhouettes of Alysia & Dakken’. Phase One.

Are you ready? Alysia Velez is thrust into a paranormal encounter when she is snatched into the arms of certain death by two of the undead. Her only hope? A handsome stranger named Dakken. Her curse? A curious birthmark. The next thrilling spin-off of our best-selling Rise series. With Leilani Harvey.


That stunning gray eye was watching her closely, reading deep inside of her thoughts; she could sense his presence searching her psyche. Honey blond. That was the color of his hair. She could make out the shade better in this light. Layers of silky honey blond hair hung low over one side of his entrancingly handsome face, but were whipped back over the ear on the opposite half. Razor sharp spiky tufts of much shorter hair lifted to the ceiling from the crown of his head. Rose-colored lips set against a pale peach complexion filled Alysia’s vision and capped his stoic expression as he followed her every labored breath with his eye.

Four long fingers came forward and rested on her brow to soothe her discomfort.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE:  These are not erotic titles.


Kiana Lee

Word Count: 8,986

‘Silhouettes of Alysia & Dakken’. Phase Two.

Still breathing? After surviving a fierce attack by two paranormals, Alysia awakens with strange new abilities. Her rescuer? A man named Dakken whom she finds herself irresistibly drawn to in the deepest level of her mind and body. The warrior’s attraction to her is mutual but the two of them are running out of time, more supernaturals are seeking to possess the power dwelling inside of Alysia. The next thrilling spin-off of our best-selling Rise series. With Leilani Harvey.


Dakken’s last sentence raised Alysia’s alarm once more. She sat up in his muscled arms and was torn between wanting to add space between their bodies and desperately wanting to align herself with him at a most perfect and sensual angle. This bond that had formed between them was frighteningly forceful and astonishingly passionate. Alysia had no idea how to control the urges surging at every corner of her mind. The energy building within her body was practically radiating out of her fingertips. The need to touch his chiseled face, as flawless as the marble statue of a Roman soldier she had once seen in a museum, was almost unbearably persistent.