Reader Review by Areil White: This Month’s Title: ‘Arizona Allspice’ by Renee Lewin (BWWM IR Romance)

October 10, 2011


 Genre: BWWM IR

 Sub-genre: Drama

 Sensuality: Sweet

 Reader’s Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Reader Review:

Elaine and her twin brother Manny are inseparable. However, when Manny befriends Joey, a young man who Elaine sees only as a womanizing jock, things quickly change for the worst. A misunderstanding leads to a fight between Manny and Joey and, ultimately, lands Joey in the hospital and Manny in jail. Alone, confused, and upset Elaine wants to plead for her brothers innocence…but everything really falls in Joey’s hands.  Elaine lies in her desperation to see Joey and to save her brother.  She steps into a new identity as Joey’s girlfriend.  

The delivery of the story is heartfelt.  Although he is young, Joey has loved Elaine for years, but Elaine has always believed she was an outcast and is not sure how to take Joey’s feelings for her. This romance is a look at young love and how sweet, yet tremulous, it can be.

This book was well written and well edited.  The characters all had depth.  At times, this story made me freeze with apprehension, but also made me laugh throughout.

Most Memorable Quote:

“There’s someone I want you to meet, Mr. Cheeseburger. His name is Joey.”

*Publisher’s Note: This review was submitted by reader Areil White and published with her permission.

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