Coming Soon: Simone: Second Chances (BWWM IR Romance)

October 18, 2011

What busy and historically paramount times we live in lately, Dear Reader…which is why, every now and again, I try to add a little splash of fun for myself during my writing projects.   I rarely dig down into an erotic story and try to make it into more than what it is meant to be…naughty play...but I consider Simone: First Encounter as a unique addition to my publications.  If you haven’t read the story (insert sad face here, LOL), it is strictly from my male character’s perspective.  The thought occurred to me one morning that I had never before attempted to pen from that particular point of view.   Although I cannot truly live out a romance or a sizzling rendevous from this angle, I imagined that it might be a coupling that was highly erotic with a splash of sensuality.  I say that as a lead in to this next sentence…As a writer who aspires to become an author, I understand and accept that my ideas won’t always hit the mark but will have a high chance of garnering lots of criticsm; however, as I typed out in a previous post, I would rather take a chance at trying something new and becoming an altogether different type of BWWM writer than merely trying to hit a certain number.  For me, money is nice but opting for creative freedom is a better turn in the road to follow. Anywho…for this second installment, I decided to flip the tone and go for sensual with a splash of eroticsm.  I couldn’t resist doubling back and figuring out how Simone would react after such a daring encounter…Coming Soon to an ebookstore nearest you, Dear Reader…Simone: Second Chances.  Happy Tuesday 🙂 LL


2 Responses to “Coming Soon: Simone: Second Chances (BWWM IR Romance)”

  1. Angelina said

    I love the bookcovers of all your books. This is what tends to capture my attention first. I call it the ‘hook’, lol..

    Next it’s followed by a little look to see if the storyline is interesting enough to hold my attention.

    Then lastly, if the book meets my standards for a good read I will purchase the book.

    So far–so good. Keep up the good work.

    • iamlenise said

      Hello! Glad you like the covers 😀 and VERY happy that the storylines also catch your attention! Thanks so much for your support…LL

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