Summer Flowers Bloom On An Autumn Morning

October 21, 2011

Another week is ending and the chill of fall is hovering all around us.  I love the coziness that autumn brings but, at the same time, it also makes me miss the warmth of summer all the more.

I snapped this photo months ago, possibly somewhere in the neighborhood of late June, just when the breath of summer was first touching the air.  This morning, as I sat contemplating all of the subtleties of romance – for the nine thousandth time – this particular pic flashed in my mind.  I immediately started to liken this photo to my personal thoughts and perspective on love, writing, and my love of writing. The image itself is off-center and slightly blurred (professional photography is definitely not my calling :)); however, the distortion doesn’t necessarily detract from the beauty of the flowers within the frame.  You can still spot the loveliness at the edges of the petals that I saw with my own eyes and can almost imagine how the soft shade of pink peeking out from amongst the throng of greenery first caught my attention, causing me to pause mid-step (how similar to the very first time I realized how beautiful IR romance truly is).  A moment wasn’t enough to wonder at this natural perfection and serene balance, so I decided to hold on the delicate seconds for a while longer.

At times, love, romance, and personal fulfillment have a tendency to hide just off camera or become a bit out of focus, yet they remain ever-present and patiently waiting to be captured and admired…for a while longer. (Such are the inner musings of an aspiring author and independent publisher – completely in love with a new kind of romance and constantly comparing life to art, and back again.)

Wishing you a fabulous and cheery weekend, Dear Reader, and concluding with a present for you – “Another crimson rose awaited me this morning.  I tried desperately not to be swept back into the forbidden and carnal moment, but was helpless to resist the urge to relive every thrilling and sensuous touch…” (From Simone: Second Chances by Lenise Lee)


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