Thoughts on a chilly Sunday at twilight (Love Letters for Myself #2)

October 23, 2011

As I sit here staring at a giant painting of wild flowers and musing on all that is – yet again – I have discovered, if nothing else, I am a reluctant romantic.  The slightest touch has the potential to stir my passion.  Even so, in the very next breath, the same emotion for the previous object of my affection can be cooled just as easily.

I suppose I am like most people of artistic nature – persistently seeking to connect in new and more profound ways.  Looking back, I was not always this way.  Perhaps it was the tides of life and the stirring to explore a true relationship with the One at the very center of all creation that ultimately led me on this journey – quietly driven to discover the perfect love (and its constant companion…hope).

Then again…sometimes the concept of the Great Romance is much more soothing (or, depending on the hour of the day, more tempestuously appealing) than to actually achieve its full reward or possible disappointment.

PS – Did I mention I love flowers…love in eternal bloom…LL


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