I usually don’t add extreme punctuation to my article titles; however, this post is completely different from all the others. It has taken me nearly two years to admit this statement, but I am being absolutely honest when I say no other story written by me has EVER been so loved and loathed all at once.

Pick any category and the readers’ opinions are completely at odds with one another.   Sex – Some said there wasn’t enough, others said there was too much.  Characters – Thoughts about Eric (my leading man) bounced back and forth from him not being realistic enough to him being the ideal guy to fall in love with. Plot – While one person said the purchase was a complete waste of money, another wished the book had been a movie on TV…And the list goes on and on.  

Although some writers might have dismal feelings about such a mixed bag of reactions, I have come to eagerly receive and wholeheartedly embrace all of these extreme reviews as compliments.  The fact that I evoked these deep and heartfelt emotions from a wide audience of readers also means that, for one instance during my writing career, I finally did my job as an author.  After all, this is the exact reason why I put pen to paper or fingers to keys – I want people to feel something when they read my words, not simply move their eyes from one side of the page to the other. Whether joy or tears, aggravation or praise, my purpose is to stir up minds and to open hearts to experience the story alongside my characters and I.

Now, as I sit here preparing for the release of the sequel – but not the one my readers are expecting 😀 – I’m glad I have reached a simple peace with the outcome of my most beloved creation.  Eric was the archetype for the perfect hero I wanted in my life at that point in time and his Nichole was my only female character to echo traces of her creator’s persona.  (If you ever read the first pages of the story, you’ll see what I mean).  Together, they became a feisty yet adorable match…at least, in my own mind, of course, and that’s what truly matters to me..LL♥