Brave World Chronicles by Lenise Lee (BWWM Romance Collection)

March 23, 2012

Romantic Thrillers

This is the beginning of the end…All that survives is Love.

Brave World Chronicles. One day can change everything…Imagine again a world where all that the future held was suddenly turned on its side. 36 hours can become as short as a breath or as long as a lifetime…For Jesse Dawson, the beginning of his long awaited love affair with Eve Thompson held so many passionate possibilities. One fateful event means that he may have to give up his last ounce of strength to reclaim her from harm’s way.

Brave World Chronicles. Imagine a world where society has been completely broken down to a matter of survival every day.

Gabriel Poole and Alexis Arthur have found themselves in such circumstances. Each was doing the best possible to thrive all alone.

Now that they have one another to live for, they will do whatever is necessary to stay together and build a new future.


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