Excerpt from ‘Closer Than You Know‘ by Leilani Harvey.

*Edited for Public Viewing. ©2010 All Rights Reserved.

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…Pax used the flat the part of his palm to cover her bare stomach and gently coax Shayna back against the bed.  She willingly submitted to his directions and her long curly hair splayed out on the beige comforter of the bed.  Her bended knees remained fixed to him as he stalked up the edge of the bed to climbed up and cover her body.  His pelvis pushed against the place where her tender p**** filled with silken juices beneath her jeans.  Her hands intertwined between Pax’s dark russet colored and silky hair while he lay wet kisses over the crest of Shayna’s large bosom.  After Pax planted a deep suckling kiss at the top of each of Shayna’s full breasts, he followed up by lapping at the heated skin between her two rounded mounds.  When he stopped his worship of her breasts, Pax replaced his mouth over hers for another fevered kiss.  Tongue over tongue, lips clinging together, both forgetting to breathe, each desperately trying to inhale a piece of their newfound lover’s spirit.

Pax pulled back and then placed his brow over Shayna’s.  His hips gyrated and ground against the prize that was causing him to become engorged to the point of near bursting.  He spoke into her mind.  For these feelings – the urgent need – he wanted to express to her words alone would not do, they would be useless.  He wanted her to experience his passion for her.  Every inch of his body and his pulse was consumed by an intense longing for he and Shayna to forge themselves together as one.

Shayna…why do I crave you sooo much?…I swear to you that I only want to be buried inside of you.

He sensed her uncertainty, her hesitance to believe the truth in his words.  She had a valid reason to shun his deep-seeded affection for her.  After all, he was her abductor, the man who had been sent to hunt her and to deliver her over to the clutches of a malevolent cult.  But that whole pursuit was null and void now.  With her here, so close, so in sync with him, reinvigorating every piece of him that Pax assumed had died away long ago, fulfilling every empty chasm in his heart and mind, he knew there was no way he could allow the Order to take her from him or to mercilessly use her at their discretion.  To hell with them.  He had made his choice, and his choice was to be with Shayna and to give her the chance to escape a fate that he now wished he too could be pardoned from. right now…I don’t care about anything else, nothing else matters to me anymore…I want to feel you clinging to me…hearing you calling out my name…Loving me.

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April 22, 2012

i keep hoping i’ll forget..give up, turn away, but i never do..always wishing for something i know that i should never have, wanting an object that has no love for me..not even the leacherous lust remains, only cold empty thoughts of what was, what should have never been, what will never be..cruel times, cruel words, when i imagined you could actually love me, now i know the truth, and still i cling to a wicked fantasy, a dimming desire to chase after naked winds, still aimlessly blowing, trying to take my breath with them as they flee across the desert of sullen discontent…The hardest part about walking away, is turning to walk away..Maybe this time I can, I hope so..

‘…Whatever the reason, Summer James was making Aidan weak at the knees.  He was so close to running his fingers along the lengths of her slim waistline and teasing the bend of her neck with his large tongue…

He was so overcome by his thoughts of wanting so much for Summer to submit to his love that Aidan couldn’t even raise his arm and reach out for her…

“Why were you watching me at the table?”

Summer asked the question without looking away from the mirror and her words were melodic to his ears.  She tucked the small container of lip-gloss back into an equally small clutch bag, and Aidan moved closer still under her hypnotic pull.

“You saw me watching you?”

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