Consequences Never Hurt… (BWWM Sensual)

April 10, 2012

“…Her fingers flinched, she was one second away from tossing the cami over her head and standing before him, revealing her naked and luscious 34C brown breasts.

“Jayson’s hand dipped down further, diving beneath her stretch pants and panties, and nestled between her thighs.  His rough and strangely erotic touch made Aneisa instinctively grabbed two hands full of his black T-shirt.  Her legs wobbled, and her grasp on the cotton material was all that was keeping her from buckling to the floor.  Flashes of heat were radiating from her stomach and down to her heated p****.

“No, actually I just got here not too long ago.”

He used his long middle finger to press on her swollen c*** and Aneisa’s body heaved up.  He repeated the action again and again until her stomach knotted, the threat of a spine tingling orgasm dangling just out of reach.  The pad of Jayson’s finger stirred her slick button and then he pressed against the delicate tissue again, stroking the little nub into a pulsing frenzy.  She clenched her cinnamon thighs around his huge hand and rode the waves of pleasure that the teasing was causing.  She pumped hard against his hand…”

*Content edited for public viewing

Excerpt from ‘Consequences Never Hurt‘ (Truth & Consequences #1) by Leilani Harvey. ©2011.  All Rights Reserved.

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