Naughty Kelly… (BWWM Erotica)

April 10, 2012

Naughty Kelly gets a spank…

“…The minute I walked another foot further into the space, I felt the distinct imprint of a hard c*** pushing into the small of my back.  The door clicked shut and all of the noise behind us disappeared.

This guy wasn’t one to waste any time and his huge hands were all over my big tits within seconds.  My nipples became sharp points as he kneaded then between his heavy palms.  Even through my bra, I could feel his hot skin milking and massaging my D cups.  His thick c*** pressed further into my tiny back and then a warm breath tickled my right ear.

“Damn, baby, you looked so good but you feel even better.”

I giggled a little.

His left hand slid down the curve of my waist and then dipped under my short skirt.  His fingers worked their way between my luscious thighs and then he started to stir them around in the folds of my wet p****…

…He let go of one of arms only to move his hand over my bubbly a** and give it a sharp slap.  I had never been spanked before and this new sensation only heightened the intense feeling of this lusty encounter…”

*Edited for public viewing.

Excerpt from ‘Kelly Renegade: Behind The Scene‘ by Leilani Harvey. ©2011. All Rights Reserved.

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