Take a sweet taste… (BWWM Erotic Romance)

April 10, 2012

“All it would take was one quick motion to flip up that little red mini skirt she was wearing, and then another equally as quick to yank down the small white top that covered her full milk chocolate breasts.  Slowly, ever so slowly, he would pull down those tiny pink lace panties she was wearing and lay his big tongue flat against her hot cunt.  He wouldn’t do it from the front like everyone else always did.  He would taste her sweetness from behind and savor every ounce of her silky flow.

How did he know she was wearing hot pink panties today?

He knew because as he walked by her room this morning, the door was conveniently left ajar and he stood there and watched as Summer sashay her sweet round hips past the thin opening between the door and the frame…”

Excerpt from ‘I Wonder How You Taste (Hunger #1) by Leilani Harvey. ©2010. All Rights Reserved.

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