Summer Frenzy (BWWM Sensual Romance)

April 13, 2012

…“Jay,” she pushed up on her toes and kissed his lips sensuously, “Aidan’s telling the truth.  I do want you both.”

Summer felt the words sizzle off her tongue and regretted nothing she was about to say or do.

She kissed him again, sucking on his lip hard this time and, try as he might have to resist, Jay wrapped his long arms around Summer and pulled her in closer and deeper into their heated kiss.

Allowing her slim cocoa arm to reach behind her and guide her to her destination, Summer slowly pulled away from Jay and turned toward Aidan.  He hadn’t left the room, which was a good sign, but his face and his dark gray eyes were unreadable.  Even with all his clothes on, she could sense Aidan’s body tightening.  The question was, was his sudden rise due to anger or to lust at actually seeing her with another man or an impish mix of both?  Summer would have to find out and convince him to give in to his desire to be with her any way he could.

“Come to me, Aidan.  Plleeaasee,” she purred out through pouted full lips and lowered thick lashes.

She saw him resist – at first – as he stood frozen in place.  Aidan watched her; she could tell his thoughts were still unsure of which way to move, toward the door or toward her waiting arms and silky lips.

Summer moved closer to him and undid the twist at the front of her towel and the heavy material found its way to the hotel carpet.  Aidan’s big hand twitched.  He wanted to touch her, to feel her smooth skin beneath his fingertips; he just needed a little help in getting started so Summer gave it to him…’

Excerpt from ‘Aidan’s Return & Summer Frenzy‘ by Leilani Harvey. ©2010 All Rights Reserved.

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