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…I had been watching her for days.  Hm.  Maybe closer to a couple of weeks, perhaps.  Had my thoughts of taking her as my own become slightly obsessive?  Had I become a man who had succumbed to the elusive “love at first sight” scenario?

I pondered these thoughts as Simone walked with confident sleekness by my office door again.  This had to be the third time in less than thirty minutes.  I knew there was a reason why I made sure this branch of the company was run with an open door policy.  At this particular moment in time, being able to watch my lady love strut her sensuous curves pass me at less than five feet away – alas, far beyond my arm’s length – was the greatest reason I could think of to ensure that this practice continued. 

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from Simone: First Encounter by Lenise Lee
All Text ©2011 by Lenise Lee Pubn.

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