Fresh e-Ink: The Return of Kelly?

September 22, 2012

I can hardly sleep tonight, Diary, not after what happened earlier…When I think back to my nasty little renedevous, I get so warm and creamy…I’ll never forget the moment when I spread my dark mocha thighs so he could sweep his fat pink tongue up and down the lips of my wet slit…He suckled my pulsing clit so hard I almost overflowed over his cherry lips but, just before my juices started to gush, he stopped and looked at me…Pretty ocean blue eyes stared at me with fiery desire, sending a flash of molten heat pouring through the center of my squishy folds…
Was all that passion just for naughty little me?  His breath was so hot as it trickled over my slippery kitty that I started panting for him to suck me until I splashed…Just before I was about to whimper and beg him to kiss my clit until I gushed out my sticky release, a rough palm reached out and cupped my plump double-D breast, sending an electric shiver down my spine…I had almost forgotten that he was there, too…Until that moment, he had been silently watching how out of control the heated scene had become…A second pair of sizzling  blue eyes stared down at me…awaiting my response…Oh, my…I couldn’t believe what I was actually thinking about trying with the two of them…Even I had never traveled down such a sensual path…Lust and confusion washed over me…Should I have stopped such a dangerous and enticing scenario from unfolding or just fall deeper into the sweaty throws of frenzied double-dipping passion?… All I could think of was…What if my fiance finds out?…After all, these were two of his best friends…When I was just about to clamp down my dripping desire and retreat from the sights of these two hard-body hotties, thick fingertips squeezed my chocolate chip nipple then stroked it into a stiff and sensitive point…My thoughts started to spin out of control again…Was it so wrong to be in love with two men?…Okay, actually three, but KJ didn’t really count at the moment since he was halfway across the country shooting a new movie…Never leave a naughty girl lonely…There’s no telling what deeds she might slip into…or what handsome men with giant, bulging canes might be eager to slip into her…Enough for tonight, Diary…I suppose I should get a few winks before work tomorrow…xxoo…Kelly♥
©2012 L. Harvey

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