A Promise — 

There is no end to a tale of romance, until a joyful love has fully bloomed…


‘But where is what I started for so long ago?  And why is it yet unfound?’

~Walt Whitman~


Before you go any farther…READ THIS!…

Although I welcome general audiences to explore this romance (from beginning to…end??), please keep in mind that it is HIGHLY SUGGESTED that you be familiar with certain characters and background stories I have previously written and published…If you do not have an interest in novellas, romantic sagas, or sensual euphemisms then this story may not be of interest to you.  Okay…now that I have made that disclaimer, I hope you enjoy the return of Nivea & Pierce, plus Alex & Jasmine…LL♥


Read the events leading up to this moment

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Step inside the scene of a pivotal pause in time…Four Hearts…Two Romances…Nivea…Pierce…Alex…Jasmine…Each held under the magnetic sway of the road leading toward sweet uncertainty. Hearts waiting, wanting, willing to come near, yet so afraid of being coldly turned away…Has their journey reached the pathway to Beautiful Beginnings? Or fallen under the crush of a Devastating Finale?  Find out what happens next…


Quick Excerpt

…“Pierce,” her velvety voice spun a mesmerizing net around his thoughts, “I would never do anything to hurt you.”

“You’re hurting me now,” he croaked in a raspy voice.  “If you go…”  He paused, barely able to say the next words aloud.  “If you leave me…you’ll break my heart, Nivea.”

Her massage came to a sudden stop, and so did his breathing.

“I have to.”…


Some secrets to share….

The secret of Alex & Jasmine’s story is that is it loosely based on a personal experience I once had…A moment of instant infatuation that remains unrealized and a glimmering memory in my mind (perhaps one day I shall share the details of that day for others to re-live with me)….The secret to Nivea & Pierce’s tale is that I wrote several chapters to a sequel years ago (circa 2010), but I never finished spinning their romance into full color….Their’s is a tragically star-crossed love story…In many ways (double hint), it is still pulsing with life and flowing toward a hopeful conclusion…HOWEVER…Here’s a Bonus….You can read the (definitely UNEDITED!!…yes, this means typos, loose grammar, and such) excerpt of what happened to the newly introduced Nivea & Pierce after they walked out of Eric’s apartment…This will help with current events and those that are soon to come  (triple hint)…

So, What Happened After the Sunset? READ IT HERE.