How often does a second opportunity to win over our heart’s desire come long?  In real life, probably not as often as it should or as frequently as we hope for.  In Simone: Second Chances, I have granted such a wish to my leading lady and the man who has secretly loved her for quite a while.  

This new tale from my wandering thoughts also gives me a chance to pursue the same. Before this story, it had been far too long since I desired to become wrapped up with love and all of its curiosities and rewards.  When my attention turned  to my second go-round with Simone, there was finally a spark to return to the sweet and spicy side of romance.  While drafting this piece, I had to learn to fall in love all over again with the wonderful possibilities and the tender affections that true love can offer.  

The object of my affection?  Flowers, all kinds, but mainly roses.  Why?  Their quiet allure can stir up provocative emotions and innocent longings in one rousing and blissfully sweet scent.  My rose sketch attached to this post was perhaps one of my greatest inspirations for pushing forward to completion.  Simple and serene, this is the physical manifestation of the sincere love and sensuality I wanted to pour into Simone.  I needed to return to the lost art of falling in love and this was the symbol that kept my heart glued to that goal. So much more may lie ahead for my characters but, for now, they will get the second chance at love we all deserve to experience.

As always, thank you for your time and your support, Dear Reader.  True love and happiness to you all..always..LL ♥♥


Leilani Harvey
Word Count: 43,624

Ready to live the entire naughty affair from beginning to end? This collection will include every heated encounter and sensual word of what happens when old friends become rival lovers:

Book One: Consequences Never Hurt

Book Two: Truth Be Told

Book Three: Burn
Part I: Memories & Lovers
Part II: Love & Lies
Part III: Sharing Lovers
Part IV: Truth & Consequences

Plus a Character Appendix for both the Hunger and Truth & Consequences Series

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