This has truly been an exciting Spring /Summer season!  As we wrap up business on this end and gear up to start production for Fall, our new anthology has finally been released.  

Intimate Details: Volume Two

The Super Naughty Edition

Ready to get extra naughty? Take a walk on the wild and raunchy side with this collection of erotic tales.

This anthology includes:

  • Kelly Renegade: Behind the Scene
  • Kelly Renegade: Tastes So Sweet
  • Simone: First Encounter
  • Dare: One Lick (this is not an IR title)
  • New Sensations: Janay (Excerpt)
  • Truth & Consequences: Consequences Never Hurt
  • Truth & Consequences: Truth Be Told
  • Burn: A Truth & Consequences Novella (Unedited Preview)

Covers for each are included.
Reader be advised: These stories are explicit erotic fantasies.

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Hello, Dear Reader!

In case you didn’t already know, my latest novella ‘Impulse‘ is currently out in your local ebookstore.  If you have a moment, please CLICK HERE to read my Author Insight page (‘Impulse: One Day Can Become A Lifetime‘) for notes regarding this title.  Also, you can read a preview of this title HERE.

Although I might pop back in for a few editorials on other works, this title will most likely be my last for a little while so I do hope you will give it a go.  As our summer season winds down, it has truly been an eventful few months and we’re still plowing forward on the indie scene.

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Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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