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Hi all..not so happy news..two of my favorite TV shows that feature BWWM couples have been put on the ‘Do Not Renew’ list by two major networks. Nickelodeon‘s True Jackson starring the ever so sweet Keke Palmer  (her beau on the show was the very handsome Robbie Amell) and Jada Pinkett Smith‘s show on TNT Hawthorne (with onscreen love interest Michael Vartan, co-star of Colombiana, which headlined the always fabulous Zoë Saldana) will not be returning with any new episodes for 2012.  News like this always leaves me wondering why major studios and networks will go above and beyond to create and maintain shows that are basically replicas of each other while continually allowing unique programming to fall to the wayside again and again..


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BWWM in Mainstream Media

August 24, 2011

While watching TV the other day, I happened to catch a Grey Goose commercial.   It wasn’t the product that caught my attention, rather it was the featured couple that had me searching out the video for a second looksy.  When I confirmed what my eyes had previously seen, it brought a question to mind.  Is mainstream media finally starting to become comfortable with the existence and growing popularity of interracial couples (esp. BWWM)? Comfortable enough to start to feature this new type of romance as part of national campaigns for branded product names?  

Since I’m a fact checker, I scrolled over to Wikipedia and found that the 2010 US Census reported atleast 168,000 BWWM marriages on record, meaning that this demographic is viable and growing.  While ads that side-step the standard view of love and relationships are probably too few and too far in between, they do exist and have a very cute appeal to them.  While searching out some to share with you, I came across this BLOG POST which features several such commercials.  I can almost guarantee the IKEA and LG  commercials will bring a smile to your face :).