The door to the small office opened and all the air left my lungs.  I had seen some fine men walk through the doors of Spicy Shoots Photo Agency but this man was the absolute pinnacle of sexy.  I felt tiny droplets of saliva gather at the corners of my mouth and realized it was hanging open.  Quickly straightening up in my seat, I stared back down at the small stack of papers on the desk, and hoped the man had not caught my reaction.

I glanced up and saw him approaching the desk where I was seated.  This made perfect sense since I was not only the receptionist but also the only person in the room at the moment; nevertheless, his domineering frame caused a shiver to sweep over my body.

He stood no less than six foot four inches, and would be an absolute giant next to my small five three height.  Lucky for me I was not standing near him or I may have launched myself into his powerful arms.  The tan muscles bulging from the thin blue polo shirt hugging his massive chest caused more drool to start working its way back to the forefront of my pallet. I diverted my gaze once again in hopes of seeking out a distraction from the throbbing ache starting between my thighs.

“Hello,” stunning blue eyes with flecks of green around the edges started my heart pumping and I was sure I would definitely need to go home and change my panties before the day was out.

“Hi,” I replied shyly and offered him a schoolgirl smile.

The corners of his eyes crinkled as he returned the smile and gleaming straight white teeth dazzled me for a moment.  A golden lock curled over his smooth forehead.  My hands inched to reach up and run my bronzed fingers through the silky tresses.

“I hope I am at the right place,” Mr. Blue eyes drawled out in a low baritone.

If you are referring to me having my way with you on top of this table, then yes you are most certainly in the right place, is what I wanted to respond.  However, my actual answer was a little more demure.

“It depends on what you are looking for.  How may I help you, Mr. – ”

“Brian Decker.  Pleased to me you.”

A muscular hand reached out toward me. Gingerly, I placed my smaller one into his.   My nipples went hard and rubbed against the lace material of my strapless bra as I imagined the rough feel of his caress first on my face, then on my neck, and finally working its way slowly down toward other areas…READ THE FULL VERSION ONLINE  or VISIT KELLY’S PAGE

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