Bad habit

April 17, 2012

I don’t smoke, but I suppose that’s the best way to describe this feeling, this undeniable urge I have..Knowing I should keep my hands off something, yet eagerly picking it up again exactly where it was left off. An intense craving to taste a piece of forbidden fruit..always posing so perfectly, and always within arm’s reach whenever the hunger strikes.  I never even realized how much I was attracted to pale skin men until very recently.  Then again, I suppose I always knew; however, for years, I tried my absolute best to ignore my roaming eyes and fluttering heart…despite the plain fact that the objects they seemed most drawn to were silky hair and light eyes..tan skin and slim noses…Never mind the fantasies I imagined involving wandering peach fingers; all I wanted to do was to forget the teasing thoughts ever existed..Oh, how easy it is to become desperate for another taste, then another..followed by ravenous bites into exhausting ecstasy, once that first sensuous kiss is ignited..How disappointing that the fantasies don’t bloom into wonderful ever-after’s similar to the way it is in scripted love stories..Perhaps one day soon I’ll be  free, able to break this bad habit of lusting after someone who doesn’t deserve all the sweet goodies I have to share..Perhaps, but not quite soon enough…

While my back was pressed into a half-empty bed..surrounded by a dozen half-written love notes..soft and silent pleadings for you to return to me..blistering echoes of you and I together, so very intertwined refused a moment’s peace to a haunted memory..Cherry tongue prying open pouty cranberry-glossed lips..Tips of swollen chocolate kisses suckled to pulsing points..Slick skin sliding beneath probing fingertips..Sweaty muscles of a tense back pushing harder, digging deeper, pumping faster..while spicy cinnamon wrapped tightly round a smoking piston ready to shoot streams of wicked desires into coveted secret places..If I had loved harder, accepted more of your teasing deceit..Would that have convinced you to stay..or was there truly nothing left to say?  A heart this lonely can never be satisfied by a new lover’s taste..Last night I thought of you and licked my lips with desperate hunger..One more night, one more time, fill my mouth with cries of sizzling delight, cover me with shivers of need, drench me with thick splashes of sweet cream…Wash away doubts and make me breathe again, for you only..LL♥

All Text ©2012 Lenise Lee.  All Rights Reserved.