By Moonlight 1.1

December 30, 2013

whaticouldbeIn the opening of this continuing dark romance series, a young woman finds herself surrounded by danger on all sides. Shay, alone in a world clinging to permanent twilight, encounters two strangers during the midnight hours. Both seem equally mysterious and intriguing, but only one will go out of his way to possess her completely.

*This story is not for the faint-hearted, and is not filled with sugar-plum kisses*

By Moonlight by Lenise Lee

Dear Agony

December 30, 2013

Lenise Lee ♥ Colorful Kisses

PART I – Darkness

The near future…


“The queen is missing.”

Whispers from a fading dream ripped through her body, startling her from a restless sleep.  Sitting up in the middle of the stuffed cot, she used the back of her hand to swipe away a heavy layer of sweat and oil from her brow.  She looked down and saw that her hands were shaking.  Her breath was ragged and she could barely breath.  Her chest was heaving high with deep sobs that refused to release from her lungs.  Silent screams were the worst.  The burning behind her breasts was nearly unbearable, like the flare from a blowtorch was crisping her skin to shriveled shreds.  When she realized what was causing the pain, she immediately recoiled.  Her thin legs lifted from the edge of her shabby mat and yanked them back so that she could hug them to her…

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All I Live For

December 30, 2013