Bonus Chapter by Leilani Harvey

from Silhouettes of Alysia & Dakken

©2012 Leilani Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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Pax kissed the top of Shayna’s round and full stomach.  His long fingers massaged the heavy belly where their unborn child was being nurtured within his wife’s womb.  She combed her delicate cinnamon shaded fingers through the short lengths of his hair and he gladly received the loving pulse she sent through her fingertips and into his spirit.

Pax lowered her maternity shirt and shifted his position so that he was kneeling beside Shayna while she sat in the wooden rocking chair in their room at the safe house.   Her golden eyes followed his every move.  There was fear and anxiety mixed in her lovely gaze.

“Don’t worry, Shay, I’ll be back soon.”  Pax spoke softly to his love then kissed the center of each of her palms.  One sizzling touch to her sparkling skin was all that was needed and he was blazing with a desire to sample her moist center.

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Part of Sweet Bites


…Once inside, I felt around for the light switch and flipped it up and there she was, my future wife in all her blissful beauty peaking up so shyly at me.  Her soft brown eyes peered up with a lustful blaze that held me back for only another moment – captivated by her surreal and alluring affect over every cell in my body – before my craze to claim Simone as my own pushed me forward and into her arms.

            I remember seeing her lips tremble ever so slightly with a hint of nervousness.  I touched my index finger to the crest of her moist upper lip in an effort to calm the small quaking of her body.  However, as quickly as I laid my finger against her mouth, she used her tongue to encircle and then envelop my digit into her hot and damp mouth.  My knees wavered a little as my body was racked with a feeling a sensual intoxication that I had never before felt in such heavy waves.  I let her mouth suck on me a little longer and then I was finally able to regain my composure.  Now that I knew she wanted me too, my urgency went from wanting to prove that I was still vigorous enough to satisfy her sensual appetites, whatever they may be, to having to lay a complete claim over her mind and perfectly shaped body as she had no doubt already managed to do to me well in advance of this intimate moment…

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from Simone: First Encounter by Lenise Lee
All Text ©2011 by Lenise Lee Pubn.

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‘…She traced the outline of the sculpted muscles on his broad chest and then gradually moved down the torso of his body to a firm and trim waistline.  In her mind, she silently caressed each of those areas, a fantasy of embedding her nails in his hot and sweaty skin played in her mind.  

Gone were his signature long blonde locks that Aneisa remembered hanging unevenly around his shoulders.  With a new attitude came a new hairstyle, edgier, sharper, and bolder than before.  Blonde strands, carelessly tossed in a mix of short spikes and curls on the crown of his head, tapered down to close cut long sideburns.  Gone, also, was the warm and friendly smile that she remembered him cheerfully greeting her with on their last meeting.  The chiseled angle of his jaw was clenched tight, his perfect mouth silent and unmoving.  There was no hint of timid friendliness on his face; instead, his features were calm and confident, silent and commanding…

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Excerpt from ‘Consequences Never Hurt‘ by Leilani Harvey. Copyright 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

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