No…your volume is working just fine…we are seeking & auditioning songs to add as a theme for this video… ūüôā

It’s not unusual for me to get really¬†excited when my writing is about to be published but this time feels different…I’m practically bouncing off the walls right now! ¬†The last episode of my newest series is literally months¬†in the making…I can’t even count the number of times I delayed offering up the draft for e-print. ¬†I guess it’s because this new story marks the end of an era for some characters I have had tons of fun writing about and I wanted them all to receive a fitting end.

Burn: A Truth & Consequences Novella‘ isn’t officially¬†scheduled for release until toward the end of next week; however, I’m really trying to bump that up…I am seriously impatient for this to go out for e-publishing. ¬†If you’re new to this series or its tie-in, the¬†Hunger series, that’s okay…I made a BIG effort to try to make sure everyone is caught up. ¬†And even if you’re familiar with those stories, this one delves a little deeper. ¬†You can read more about it HERE under my notes. ¬†I really¬†hope you’ll join me on this adventure. ¬†Tick tock! ¬†:p