Thank you for having me again!  It is such a pleasure to get out and talk about what I love most – books!  When I choose to write, I do it for the sake of warming people’s hearts, minds and well their libido of course!   Winter has settled in, and I find myself looking for that book that is going to heat me up and tide me over until my next gorge fest of book buying.   However, this time of year, the Yuletide, Christmas, and not to mention the numerous birthdays of people I adore in the month of December, I don’t have as much time to write as I should.

The answer: Flashes.   Not hot flashes, I’m too young for menopause just yet.  I’m talking about holiday flashes and stocking stuffers.   The awesome publishing house that is Beautiful Trouble Publishing has decided to not only publish Holiday Hot Flashes, they are also promoting the 12 days of Christmas on their BLOG.

Most of these writers write for the love of writing.  This year, well specifically over the last two months, with the news that almost all of our books had been pirated and we were losing sales, we wondered, why write?   We were melancholy and sad, but we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and vowed to write even more!   So we’ve banded together and brought you some hotness for the Holidays.  Check out the ladies of BTP here.

Speaking of hotness, Disturbing the Yuletide by me, Nevea Lane, is on sale at Beautiful Trouble Publishing.    It is a Christmas time tale that will leave you warm in your toes.  I was proud of this particular release because it was the first time where the plot wrote itself.  I’m usually throwing twists and turns at my manuscripts, trying to get the characters to behave, but not with Topaz and Sebastian.  They came with their own flare and attitude and all I had to do was type.

 Disturbing the Yuletide [EBOOK]

Would you like to know more about Topaz and Sebastian?

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Topaz Aura Sinclair, aka DJ Bluefire, has been feeling a little lonely this holiday season—the first one she’s spending without her family. She’s even taken on extra gigs just to stay active during the season. At one of her assignments, she meets Sebastian Rosser, an ex-military officer turned caterer. Sparks fly immediately… But when one of Topaz’s gigs turns dangerous, will she and Sebastian find a way to keep their holiday bright?


~N.E. Lane~


I am so pleased to be here on this blog.  I don’t get to guest blog as much as I would like to, but I do welcome this opportunity to talk about a real short story, but one that is completely outside of what I would normally write.   

The short short story (it is around 4,000 words) is called  Temporary Insanity.  Published by Shara Azod LLC it is a new addition to her Quele Scandal series.  We as authors, should try to push the envelope and sometimes challenge our readers to explore new content, maybe in a way they never thought about before.  Temporary Insanity does that.  What would you do if you if you were approached with an indecent proposal?   Would you run away from it without even asking yourself the question?  Would you think about it and still say ‘no?’  Or would you succumb to a bout of Temporary Insanity… 

The narrator finds herself approached by a couple (man and a woman) and is asked an honest question.  What ensues is the question that anyone would ask themselves if put in that position.  You would have to read the book to find out the question, but I think it captures ‘real’ and ‘honest’ emotions as much as a fiction piece can.  The publisher,  the fabulous Shara Azod, stated it perfectly, think of it as Penthouse Forums for women.   Why is it that men get to have tawdry non-committed acts of passion and we as women are left out of that circle?    Does everything that we read have to have your stereotypical romance or can we as empowered women have a little fun?   Temporary Insanity is one of those books that leaves it open for you to decide: what would you do?   


Find this title here:

Nevea Lane – Temporary Insanity