A Colorful Blend of Romantic Short Stories.

On a cool autumn afternoon, Alex and Jasmine begin a sweet friendship.
This title serves as a stand-alone, short story prequel to ‘Giovanni, My Love’.

Simone Darling has a boss who is craving a chance at making her his new woman.

We all deserve a second chance to get it right, especially in matters of the heart. Simone has been granted such a wish. After a secret and brief affair with a man in her office, she struggles both with her ongoing attraction to him and the guilt of her indiscretion. Will the object of her affection be able to ease her worries and convince her that he is truly the man she should take a chance on loving?

In this wintry tale, a yearning heart is awaiting a miraculous return.

Romantic Suspense & Sensual Romance

Tales of Sensual Love & Spicy Kisses.

County Clerk Nichole Edwards has found a worthy adversary in her town’s hot new Public Defender, Eric Raven. She finds her ability to torment him during their after hours encounters to be one of the bright spots of her late evening shift at the police department. When an ominous note is left inside of her apartment and danger seems to be lurking around every corner, Nichole is convinced that Eric is the only person whom she can turn to for help. 

Eric Raven finds the stunning after hours clerk, Nichole Edwards, maddening. He has to constantly battle his secret desire to claim her as his woman. When Nichole is placed at the center of a high profile case he is handling and her life suddenly becomes endangered, Eric will risk everything, including his career, to save her and to solve the mystery that has enveloped their lives.

A Tale of Romance and Suspense. After surviving a terrifying scene in a dark alleyway, Marissa Stiles is soon caught off-guard for a second time. Her heated encounters with an intriguing stranger set the stage for the unsuspecting woman to be lured into a curious game of cat-and-mouse…Marcello Rossi, a gorgeous man with stunning blue eyes and a heart-melting silver tongue, seems determined to charm Marissa into submission, but are his affections sincere or a deadly snare? Wherever Marco goes, a malevolent presence follows, and it has cast its cruel glare on tormenting Marissa…

Agent Marcello (Marco) Rossi has pursued a valuable treasure across international waters. His chase has led him onto a collision course for falling under the spell of a beautiful suspect. After saving Marissa Stiles from the hands of a masked villain, the covert soldier becomes inescapably distracted by a pair of lovely hazel eyes…One thought continually plagues him: Are Marissa’s seductive glances genuine? Or are they only a clever game of misdirection to keep Marcello from capturing his target?

First Sequel to ‘After the Sunset’ and ‘The Christmas Gift’

When a business trip sends quiet Janay Parker flying to the other side of the country, a chance meeting in a local hangout puts her in the sights of handsome and bold Jackson Bryant. Once the two lock eyes, their combined passion spins Janay to new heights of intimacy she never dared to dream of.

Now, a scorned friend and an estranged mother are all that stand in her way of true happiness. Can Janay find the strength within herself to turn the tables and embrace what was always meant to hers…love from an adoring man and a renewed spark to taste life…

Includes original covers.

Sweet Romance

Tales of Sweet Love and Tender Embraces.

Denise Right has been struggling to maintain a crumbling home life with her estranged parents and has no time for love or relationships.

Adam Aggeliki held a painful family secret of his own but he knew from the first moment he laid eyes on Denise she would be the one to mend his heart and he would do anything to gain her trust and love.

Can these two lost souls find the happiness they each seek in one another’s arms even as the world around them has shattered?

Kerine White and Joshua Somers parted ways over a year ago on less than pleasant terms. The former couple decided that staying as far away from one another as possible was the best option for both.

Kerine had finally recovered from the break-up and settled on never having to lay eyes on the handsome Joshua ever again. Joshua had resolved not to return to his hometown to face the beautiful woman who still held his heart.

Now, the impending wedding day of two mutual friends has forced the lovers back into one another’s lives and in to each other’s arms.

Will the pair be able to get it right this time around or are they destined to be apart for good?

Lilly Monroe and Tristan Pike were both running from painful pasts and toward an empty future. One fateful event will merge their wounded hearts together. Have these two lost souls finally found what they each had been desperately seeking…a kindred spirit and a renewed sense of hope? How long does it take to fall in love? Just one breath.

Includes original covers.