Romantic Thrillers

This is the beginning of the end…All that survives is Love.

Brave World Chronicles. One day can change everything…Imagine again a world where all that the future held was suddenly turned on its side. 36 hours can become as short as a breath or as long as a lifetime…For Jesse Dawson, the beginning of his long awaited love affair with Eve Thompson held so many passionate possibilities. One fateful event means that he may have to give up his last ounce of strength to reclaim her from harm’s way.

Brave World Chronicles. Imagine a world where society has been completely broken down to a matter of survival every day.

Gabriel Poole and Alexis Arthur have found themselves in such circumstances. Each was doing the best possible to thrive all alone.

Now that they have one another to live for, they will do whatever is necessary to stay together and build a new future.

Giovanni, My Love by Lenise Lee

How long has it been since I last whipped up a tale of mystery and romance?  Hm…Far too long, I suppose, but I am very excited about sharing this next adventure with you.  I won’t give away any clues, except this one – Falling in love is scary enough, however, it becomes twice as thrilling and adds a double dose of feverish excitement when you’re never quite sure if the man tapping at your heart is really who he seems to be…Enjoy!


PS –

For readers who have joined me on previous tales and for those that are just now tagging along, I wanted to add a quick note.  In this story, I will be reintroducing two pairs of characters…Nichole and Pierce (After the Sunset) and also Jasmine and Alex (The Christmas Gift)…I won’t give away anymore details, but I’m sure you may pleased with the answer to at least one question, which has been lingering for quite some time… ♥

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. 

Song of Solomon 1:2 (KJV)

I like to believe that I was born with an elegant and quiet strength.  These are personal qualities that I value and I have a habit of granting my female characters these same traits. But…what about those moments when I’m weak and unable to hold up a dwindling resistance? Everyone has a limit, an absolute breaking point when only the tender touch of another human being will help us rise from the shadows.  When and if we fall…who will be there to help lift us up again?

These were the questions I pondered while pulling this tale together.  It presents a teasing and seemingly simple scenario…Follow your heart or allow your mind to lead the way?  Both forces hold equally powerful sway on the decisions we make from moment to moment every day of our lives….Which will emerge victorious this time? Desire or obligation?

As a side note…I originally considered titling this novella ‘Broken’; however, since I strive to remain an eternal optimist, I chose the name that brought the biggest smile to my face‘Beautiful’with a faint hope that simply reading this word of praise would do the same for some restless heart on the other side of this screen…LL♥




pieces of me scattering




no silver halo to guide fragile eyes




Dawn treading triumphantly along the golden horizon




broken no more, Hope Revived. Rescued.

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