– Three –

“Stay with me tonight.”

Jesse leaned back against the car’s passenger side door and held both of her soft hands in his broad palms while she looked at him with her golden brown eyes.  Could any other woman ever be so breathtakingly beautiful to him?  Who else held such power to have his heart hanging so far out on his sleeve like this?  He was Eve’s for the taking, all she had to do was say the word and his racing tires would tear up concrete and asphalt for a chance to lay between her luscious mocha thighs.

After Jesse presented his request to her, he never once dropped the intensity of his fiery gaze.  He wanted Eve to realize the sincerity of his petition.   He watched as Eve’s expression morphed from startled to curious and finally became a bit lusty.

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love and lust #2

April 10, 2012

dig your nails into my hot skin, make me hurt for a taste of your sensual touch…embed a need so deep between my shaking thighs that i’ll crave you with every breath i take from this day forth..why would i ever want to leave when every hard thrust pushes me toward orgasmic oblivion..silky pearl drops escape my slippery lips..one more lie, one more time..you say you’ll be back and..like a true fool, i eagerly wait..

©2012 Lenise Lee. All Rights Reserved.

Hunger For More?

April 3, 2012

What happens when a trio of roommates start a blazing love affair?  Jayson Ferria has always had lusty eyes for his roommate Summer James, and one heated afternoon he gets the perfect opportunity to expression his simmering devotion.  All seems well for the young couple, until their mutual friend Aidan decides that Summer would be better off becoming his woman instead.  Love, lust, and lies follow…

The Hunger Series by Leilani Harvey

I Wonder How You Taste (Hunger #1)

One Taste Is Never Enough (Hunger #2)

Aidan’s Return & Summer Frenzy (Hunger #3 & 4)