While my back was pressed into a half-empty bed..surrounded by a dozen half-written love notes..soft and silent pleadings for you to return to me..blistering echoes of you and I together, so very intertwined refused a moment’s peace to a haunted memory..Cherry tongue prying open pouty cranberry-glossed lips..Tips of swollen chocolate kisses suckled to pulsing points..Slick skin sliding beneath probing fingertips..Sweaty muscles of a tense back pushing harder, digging deeper, pumping faster..while spicy cinnamon wrapped tightly round a smoking piston ready to shoot streams of wicked desires into coveted secret places..If I had loved harder, accepted more of your teasing deceit..Would that have convinced you to stay..or was there truly nothing left to say?  A heart this lonely can never be satisfied by a new lover’s taste..Last night I thought of you and licked my lips with desperate hunger..One more night, one more time, fill my mouth with cries of sizzling delight, cover me with shivers of need, drench me with thick splashes of sweet cream…Wash away doubts and make me breathe again, for you only..LL♥

All Text ©2012 Lenise Lee.  All Rights Reserved.

“I missed you, Kelly, but I can see you don’t feel the same,” Kyle’s seductive deep bass poured down over my face and inflamed by cinnamon cheeks…

“Hi, Kyle, how are you?”

My voice was casual and even-toned.  I purposefully avoided answering his hidden inquiry about whether or not I had been thinking of him during his two month absence from my life…

“Now that I’ve seen you, I’m a lot better, baby,” he whispered low, his hot breath teasing my lashes…

“Let me f*** you again, Kelly.  Better than the last time.  I promise I’ll make you cum twice as hard, baby.”…

“Who says you made me cum at all?”

My sweet voice filled his ear and he squeezed his mighty arms around me tighter.

His thick fingertips dug into the curve of my uncovered lower back sending an uncontrollable shiver down my spine.  His palms slowly maneuvered lower until they rested at the top of the curve of my ass.  Kyle pulled me in closer so that I could feel the massive bulge of the hardened c*** that was hidden behind the dark denim of his jeans.  The mass pressed like a mammoth sized boulder into the center of my flat stomach.  I had no choice but to suck in a sharp gasp and hold on to him a little tighter to keep from losing my balance on suddenly unsteady legs.  In these heels, a fall would have been no laughing matter.

“That’s how I know I made you cream all over yourself, Kelly, and how I know that I can do it again whenever I want”…

Excerpt from ‘Kelly Renegade: Tastes So Sweet‘ by Leilani Harvey

*Edited for public viewing. ©2011.  All Rights Reserved.

with a cherry on top

April 13, 2012

cool cream

warm breath

hot tongue teasing delicate lollypop-licious folds lubed with milky dew drops

hot cherry

warm lips

cool explosions clenching slick strawberry-flavored walls of a tasty perfect peach

crimson kisses frantically finish the sensual symphony

butterscotch love flows like chocolatey drizzle over boiling eruptions from the tip of a candy-coated cane

from PS…Love You, Lust You

All Text ©2012 Lenise Lee. All Rights Reserved.