with a cherry on top

April 13, 2012

cool cream

warm breath

hot tongue teasing delicate lollypop-licious folds lubed with milky dew drops

hot cherry

warm lips

cool explosions clenching slick strawberry-flavored walls of a tasty perfect peach

crimson kisses frantically finish the sensual symphony

butterscotch love flows like chocolatey drizzle over boiling eruptions from the tip of a candy-coated cane

from PS…Love You, Lust You

All Text ©2012 Lenise Lee. All Rights Reserved.

Naughty Lacie

April 11, 2012

“…Austin stood up to his towering height and stepped behind me. He clenched both sides of my tiny waist and urged me forward. I pretended to be reluctant as he pushed me further and further toward the hungry glare and waiting arms of his best friend Max. My hot body shivered with guilty anticipation. Was I really such a horny minx that I was going to allow this dangerous line to be crossed? Oh yeah, I was, without a doubt.

Still pretending to resist, I stopped and stood right in front of where Max’s head was but didn’t
budge after that.

“Climb on him, Lacie, and wrap your legs around his head,” Austin whispered into my ear. “I want to see your juicy p**** lips covering his whole mouth, baby.”

His bulging c*** pressed into my lower back. His rod was so massive and he had reached such heights of overt arousal that I could feel the tip of his fat mushroom pulsing against my skin, even through his khaki pants. I had known the brutal strokes of that monster many times before and was already dripping heavy puddles through the crotch of my teddy. I wanted to have him giving me that mean loving again – right now, fast and sloppy – but I knew he wouldn’t satisfy my needs until I had lived out his twisted new fantasy.

“Plop that dripping p**** on my lips, Lacie,” Max said as he grabbed my pale hand and pulled me closer. “Let me get just one lick of that tight c***, pretty girl.”

I guess Max’s raunchy excitement was getting the better of him because he decided to speed the process along. He reached down and locked his mighty hands around both of my milky thighs and lifted me up into the air, then planted me in a sitting position on his broad chest. My hands spread out over his T-shirt in an effort to regain my balance. Underneath the black colored cotton, the hard muscle of his sculpted chest and razor sharp nipples made me sink my fingertips down deep into his tight skin.

“F***…you smell so tasty,” he growled out…

My p**** jumped and my clit clenched into a tight knot when his heavy hands come up around my thighs and his right index finger yanked the seat of my skimpy outfit to the side. A dripping wet pink tongue darted out of his hot mouth and took a long swipe over my erect pearl. I threw my head back in ecstasy and pushed my pussy down onto his open mouth. Max was hungrier than I had imagined and eager to please. The more I moaned and forced my legs open wider to suck his face up my drenched c***, the more he shoved a long, fat and devilish tongue up my tight and squishy p**** hole. He drank my juices like I was a cold beer on a humid afternoon and lapped up every drop of silkiness that flowed off of my plumped pink pussy lips.

My hands quickly migrated up from his chest and started tugging at his hair. Every time he suckled my clit between his sharp teeth and nibbled my panic button into a furiously pulsing point, I bucked my hips and slathered more of my sopping wetness over his mouth and face until only his nose was visible. His gray eyes rolled under dark eyebrows while brutal palms slapped my bare ass repeatedly until my cheeks tingled from the spanking…”

*Edited for public viewing. All Text ©2011 Ms. Dean. All Rights Reserved.

Perfect Symphony

April 10, 2012

tongues flicking

backs arching

pulses accelerating

adrenaline pouring through thick veins 

pounding inside creamy pink walls

waiting to gush forth explosive levels of liquid lust

two fates sealed by carnal cravings

breaths exhausted

nostrils flaring

breasts heaving

sheets soaked

ready for round two?




©2012 Lenise Lee.  All Rights Reserved.