Every now and again, I stumble upon a word or phrase that completely captures my attention and helps me to pause for a sweet reflection…an article, a scene from a movie or a book…or, perhaps, a heartfelt poem.  I’m not a big believer in coincidence and my personal theory was proven right once more since this particular poem seemed to mirror the exact mood I was in while typing out a new project.  I reached out to the poet and he graciously gave me permission to share his words with you.

Here is a gift for you, Dear Reader.  A dash of romance and a shy blush on the cheeks to round out the week with…I hope you ENJOY this gentle pause.  

PS…Thanks, Scott.  Big smiles to you, wherever you are.  LL 🙂

‘Inescapable Destiny’

By Scott Mitchell

A nomadic voyage, a heart's quest
Quiet and alone were an attractive option
But your music makes me dance
Your beauty induced a trance
What do I have to offer, but this heart
I could swim the sea to you
I can drown
or take this love to my last breath

The warmth while holding you, oh....
creates an infinite confirmation
My moist eyes looking into yours are not sad,
I'm jubilant and thankful
You held resilient to your promise
and gave all that you are
I was lost and you restored me

My caramel coated aspirations live
in memories
Dark brown eyes and a body of firm silk
my hands and soul are deprived of you
My heart's demise begins one minute apart
A day or more is torture lancing outward
through my flesh
Inspirations defeat all lucidity
I need you

Every future thought, you are there
Your motivated smile is a victory for me
and I can smile
My endless home is now wherever you are

Scott Mitchell