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Even if you have never watched a scene from the cinematic blockbuster Avatar, there is no way that you haven’t enjoyed the energetic acting of Zoe Saldana in at least one of the other high grossing action flicks she has starred in (e.g. the newest edition to the Star Trek franchise, The Losers, or Takersto name a few). Saldana has proven time and again she has the superb performance talent and physical agility that just may catapult her on the way to becoming this generation’s next female action super star.

This time Saldana is headlining the title role in the new action thriller Colombiana. Under the tagline ‘Vengeance is Beautiful’, what could be more beguiling for hard action movie lovers and fans of female empowerment alike than the cool combination of a sultry woman who knows how to handle herself? The plot centers around a young woman who witnesses the horrific murder of her parents when she is only a small child. The shock from the terrifying experience draws her into a life as a highly skilled female assassin who is ultimately seeking to avenge her parents’ deaths. Cataleya Restrepo of Bogota, Columbia grows up with cold-hearted vengeance on her mind. While working as a lethal assassin for her uncle, Cataleya also carries out a list of vengeance killings that she hopes will bring her closer to finding out the identity of the culprit behind her parents’ brutal demise. Still shots from the movie show Saldana handling some massive weaponry while on her quest to seek out those who changed the path of her character’s life forever. 

Colombiana co-stars Michael Vartan (best known from TNT’s ‘Hawthorne‘ and the now canceled spy drama ‘Alias‘) as the love interest for Saldana’s character. In the theatrical trailer, the cute pair spark quite a flame during the quick glimpse of their love scene. The movie also features striking new actressAmandla Stenberg, who will next be seen in the highly anticipated 2012 film, The Hunger Games. The action drama was directed by Olivier Megaton and is scheduled for release on August 26th 2011. 

This article is also published as ‘Colombiana’: Beautiful Vengeance

Tom Cruise returns as IMF Agent Ethan Hunt in this fourth installment to the Mission: Impossible series.  The film premiered its first official trailer on June 28th; however the scheduled release date will not be until mid-December 2011.

     Although snatching a glimpse of Cruise’s death-defying acrobatics as he scaled a monstrous skyscraper was enough to add this  to our highly anticipated releases list, the identity of the female co-star catapulted MI:4 to the very top.   Stunning Paula Patton plays Jane Carter opposite Cruise’s title character in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.  While there are no specifics as to whether or not Carter and Hunt will find themselves enthralled in both a fast-paced spy chase AND a heated romance, we’re hoping this will be the case. 11 Years ago, MI:2 added to the rising trend of featuring IR couples in lead roles of big budget films.  In that second part of the series, Thandie Newton co-starred in the franchise film as Agent Hunt’s fiesty love interest and ex-thief Nyah Nordoff-Hall. The couple’s smoldering onscreen romance was enough to keep my eyes glued to the screen for the remainder of the film. Hopefully, this match-up between Cruise and Patton will be equally sizzling, if not more so…we’ll have to wait until December to find out.

     Other noteworthy co-stars include Jeremy Renner (Marvel’s Thor) and Simon Pegg, who happened to play Newton’s sloth-like ex-fiance and father to her son in Run, Fatboy Run (2007).  Ving Rhames also makes a return to reprise his role as tech-savvy Luther Stickwell.

     With a well-rounded line-up of stars and a promising preview of what’s in store for our dashing agent, we’re hoping that this action flick will be well worth the extended wait.

UPDATE: Saw this movie and loved it enough to see it twice! SPOLER: Two of the characters have a very cutesy kiss 🙂