Thank you for having me again!  It is such a pleasure to get out and talk about what I love most – books!  When I choose to write, I do it for the sake of warming people’s hearts, minds and well their libido of course!   Winter has settled in, and I find myself looking for that book that is going to heat me up and tide me over until my next gorge fest of book buying.   However, this time of year, the Yuletide, Christmas, and not to mention the numerous birthdays of people I adore in the month of December, I don’t have as much time to write as I should.

The answer: Flashes.   Not hot flashes, I’m too young for menopause just yet.  I’m talking about holiday flashes and stocking stuffers.   The awesome publishing house that is Beautiful Trouble Publishing has decided to not only publish Holiday Hot Flashes, they are also promoting the 12 days of Christmas on their BLOG.

Most of these writers write for the love of writing.  This year, well specifically over the last two months, with the news that almost all of our books had been pirated and we were losing sales, we wondered, why write?   We were melancholy and sad, but we picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and vowed to write even more!   So we’ve banded together and brought you some hotness for the Holidays.  Check out the ladies of BTP here.

Speaking of hotness, Disturbing the Yuletide by me, Nevea Lane, is on sale at Beautiful Trouble Publishing.    It is a Christmas time tale that will leave you warm in your toes.  I was proud of this particular release because it was the first time where the plot wrote itself.  I’m usually throwing twists and turns at my manuscripts, trying to get the characters to behave, but not with Topaz and Sebastian.  They came with their own flare and attitude and all I had to do was type.

 Disturbing the Yuletide [EBOOK]

Would you like to know more about Topaz and Sebastian?

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Topaz Aura Sinclair, aka DJ Bluefire, has been feeling a little lonely this holiday season—the first one she’s spending without her family. She’s even taken on extra gigs just to stay active during the season. At one of her assignments, she meets Sebastian Rosser, an ex-military officer turned caterer. Sparks fly immediately… But when one of Topaz’s gigs turns dangerous, will she and Sebastian find a way to keep their holiday bright?


~N.E. Lane~

Holiday Wish

By Scott Mitchell

The frosty wind bites my nose and cheeks
Dropping to my knees, I scoop snow in my hands
Graphic flashes in my head and suddenly all feels warm
From my passions left behind in the Caribbean sands

Accepting the reality of where I’d rather be now
A wet drop slithers, turning ice right under my eye
I recall crouching by the bed staring at her beautiful face
With clasped hands, now I kneel and frown at the sky

The holiday season is here, and here she is not
silver bells taunt me and the jingle ones mock!

I don’t want to see Santa’s approaching reindeer
if he only brings a holiday sweater
Only one thing on my list Santa, don’t disappoint
Understand me with this complaint letter!

Somehow, she’s always on the tip of my tongue
My mouth filled with words of love and truth
But deep in the root there’s a serious pain
Gee Santa, I didn’t ask for a Bluetooth!

My heart and body need her so I’m waiting
don’t cause me to suffer in the cold so long
I think the watch you wear must have stopped
and your delay is really ticking me off!

Or take me 2,000 miles to my angel eyes
Don’t leave this hitchhiker to go insane
It’s too far and I don’t wanna walk man
Santa, please bring this blue boy a plane!

My chocolate candy fills her stockings
in a way that you could never do!
She hangs them next to my chimney with care
I need a piece of her cookie real soon!

I never play with dolls
but chocolate Barbie got my heart quakin’
I need her melody and sweet jams now
Wow, she certainly leaves mi jam-achin’!

The holiday season is here, and here she is not
silver bells taunt me and the jingle ones mock!

I really need to visit her port more
These routine calls surely make my mind roam
It’s like a prison, being so far from my heart
Santa, please don’t bring me another cell phone!

I need manicured nails raking my back
And passionate moments priming her walls
Don’t try keeping her as your own now, Santa
and take me to my Mrs. Claws!

Thanks Scott...You're Awesome! LL 🙂