I can hardly sleep tonight, Diary, not after what happened earlier…When I think back to my nasty little renedevous, I get so warm and creamy…I’ll never forget the moment when I spread my dark mocha thighs so he could sweep his fat pink tongue up and down the lips of my wet slit…He suckled my pulsing clit so hard I almost overflowed over his cherry lips but, just before my juices started to gush, he stopped and looked at me…Pretty ocean blue eyes stared at me with fiery desire, sending a flash of molten heat pouring through the center of my squishy folds…
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…She bit her plump lip and he wanted to do the same.  Dakken was afraid to taste her lips because he was afraid he would lose control and commit an unthinkable act in a fit of blistering passion.  His ache to physically bond with Alysia would no doubt spiral into a need to sample her essence.  It had been many years, nearly a century, since he had tasted human blood, and the rich and illuminating flavor might drive him into a feral lust.  He wouldn’t risk Alysia’s life just to satisfy his thirst.  He would never harm her in that way, not even if it meant he would have to wither away into nothingness.  Even a simple and chaste kiss spelled out too much of a chance.

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from ‘Run’ from (Silhouettes of Alyssia & Dakken)
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