Part One

Another crimson rose awaited me this morning. I tried desperately not to be swept back into the forbidden and carnal moment, but was helpless to resist the urge to relive every thrilling and sensuous touch.

The scarlet colored flower was placed at the exact center of my desk. It was a vivid reminder of my lurid encounter with a man whom I should not have allowed myself to become swept away into a sea of passion with. A small white card, tied around the long hunter green stem, accompanied the perfectly crafted rose. Although my fingers itched to snatch up the tiny card, there was no hurry for me to read the note enclosed. I had already memorized the message waiting on the inside of the folded note. Fourteen – the number of roses and the number of notes I had received over a span of two weeks. The sender was always the same and so was the brief, yet apologetic, message.

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from Simone: Second Chances By Lenise Lee

(c)2011 Lenise Lee Pubn. All Rights Reserved.

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…She bit her plump lip and he wanted to do the same.  Dakken was afraid to taste her lips because he was afraid he would lose control and commit an unthinkable act in a fit of blistering passion.  His ache to physically bond with Alysia would no doubt spiral into a need to sample her essence.  It had been many years, nearly a century, since he had tasted human blood, and the rich and illuminating flavor might drive him into a feral lust.  He wouldn’t risk Alysia’s life just to satisfy his thirst.  He would never harm her in that way, not even if it meant he would have to wither away into nothingness.  Even a simple and chaste kiss spelled out too much of a chance.

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from ‘Run’ from (Silhouettes of Alyssia & Dakken)
All Text ©2011.  All Rights Reserved.

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Part of Sweet Bites


…Once inside, I felt around for the light switch and flipped it up and there she was, my future wife in all her blissful beauty peaking up so shyly at me.  Her soft brown eyes peered up with a lustful blaze that held me back for only another moment – captivated by her surreal and alluring affect over every cell in my body – before my craze to claim Simone as my own pushed me forward and into her arms.

            I remember seeing her lips tremble ever so slightly with a hint of nervousness.  I touched my index finger to the crest of her moist upper lip in an effort to calm the small quaking of her body.  However, as quickly as I laid my finger against her mouth, she used her tongue to encircle and then envelop my digit into her hot and damp mouth.  My knees wavered a little as my body was racked with a feeling a sensual intoxication that I had never before felt in such heavy waves.  I let her mouth suck on me a little longer and then I was finally able to regain my composure.  Now that I knew she wanted me too, my urgency went from wanting to prove that I was still vigorous enough to satisfy her sensual appetites, whatever they may be, to having to lay a complete claim over her mind and perfectly shaped body as she had no doubt already managed to do to me well in advance of this intimate moment…

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from Simone: First Encounter by Lenise Lee
All Text ©2011 by Lenise Lee Pubn.

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