Bonus Chapter by Leilani Harvey

from Silhouettes of Alysia & Dakken

©2012 Leilani Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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Pax kissed the top of Shayna’s round and full stomach.  His long fingers massaged the heavy belly where their unborn child was being nurtured within his wife’s womb.  She combed her delicate cinnamon shaded fingers through the short lengths of his hair and he gladly received the loving pulse she sent through her fingertips and into his spirit.

Pax lowered her maternity shirt and shifted his position so that he was kneeling beside Shayna while she sat in the wooden rocking chair in their room at the safe house.   Her golden eyes followed his every move.  There was fear and anxiety mixed in her lovely gaze.

“Don’t worry, Shay, I’ll be back soon.”  Pax spoke softly to his love then kissed the center of each of her palms.  One sizzling touch to her sparkling skin was all that was needed and he was blazing with a desire to sample her moist center.

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…She bit her plump lip and he wanted to do the same.  Dakken was afraid to taste her lips because he was afraid he would lose control and commit an unthinkable act in a fit of blistering passion.  His ache to physically bond with Alysia would no doubt spiral into a need to sample her essence.  It had been many years, nearly a century, since he had tasted human blood, and the rich and illuminating flavor might drive him into a feral lust.  He wouldn’t risk Alysia’s life just to satisfy his thirst.  He would never harm her in that way, not even if it meant he would have to wither away into nothingness.  Even a simple and chaste kiss spelled out too much of a chance.

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from ‘Run’ from (Silhouettes of Alyssia & Dakken)
All Text ©2011.  All Rights Reserved.

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‘Into the wind we fly,

Eternally free, you and I…’

from Into the Wind by Lenise Lee

An Angel For Ms. Right was the very first romance I ever penned and published.  It was a tale written directly from my heart –touching on dramatic revelations, persistent doubt, and ultimately, refreshing hopes for a brighter tomorrow– an echo of my inner musings during a transitional time in my life.  It was a tale centered on first love and easily became my favorite romance to reflect on.  For two very important reasons – it was simple and sweet – Angel was the story I would look back to for a flash of inspiration every once in a while.  Now, years later, I find myself standing at this sacred place once again.  It is a return to the beginning – my beginning – to the quiet place where I found an innocent romance beating inside of me.  This is the sentiment I hoped to capture as I composed every element of Into the Windfaith, courage, inspiration…all of the reasons why true love is so very much worth the wait…for when it finally arrives…heaven and earth stand in awe of the moment. LL

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